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[ ] I have/had piercings besides the ears.
[x] I want piercings besides the ears.
[ ] I have a scar.
[ ] I tan easily.
[ ] I wish my hair was a different color.
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. 
[ ] I have/want a tattoo.
[ ] I can be self-conscious about my appearance. 
[ ] I have/had braces
[ ] I have more than two piercings. 

[ ] Disney movies still make me cry sometimes.  
[x] I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried. 
[ ] I’ve glued my hand to something.
[x] I’ve laughed until some kind of beverage came out of my nose
[ ] I’ve had my pants rip in public.
[x] I’ve touched something sharp/hot/etc to see if it would hurt. 

[ ] I’ve gotten stitches.
[ ] I’ve broken or dislocated a bone. 
[ ] I’ve had my tonsils removed.
[ ] I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed
[x] I’ve had chicken pox.
[ ] I’ve had surgery. 
[ ] I’ve been to the ER. (What is it?)
[ ] I’ve been admitted to the hospital.
[ ] I have a serious mental disorder. ( these days i think )
[ ] I have a serious physical disorder.
[ ] I had/have a serious illness.

[ ] I’ve been to Florida.
[ ] I’ve driven/ridden over 200 kilometers in one day.
[x] I’ve been on a plane.
[ ] I’ve been to California. 
[x] I’ve been to Asia.
[ ] I’ve been to Niagara Falls.
[ ] I’ve been to Vanuatu or the Mystery Islands.
[ ] I’ve been to the Caribbean.
[ ] I’ve been to Europe. 

[x] I’ve gotten lost in my city.
[x] I’ve seen a shooting star.
[ ] I’ve wished on a shooting star.
[ ] I’ve seen a meteor shower.
[x] I’ve gone out in public in my pajamas.
[x] I’ve pushed all the buttons on an elevator. 
[x] I’ve slapped someone.
[ ] I’ve kissed someone underwater.
[ ] I’ve chugged something.
[ ] I’ve crashed a car.
[ ] I’ve been skiing.
[ ] I’ve been in a musical.
[ ] I’ve auditioned for something.
[x] I’ve been on stage.
[ ] I’ve caught a snowflake on my tongue.
[x] I’ve sat on a rooftop at night.
[ ] I’ve pranked someone.
[ ] I’ve ridden in a taxi.

Honesty / Crime:
[ ] I’ve been threatened to be arrested.
[x] I’ve done something I promised someone I wouldn’t. 
[x] I’ve done something I promised myself I wouldn’t.
[ ] I’ve snuck out.
[ ] I’ve lied about my whereabouts.
[x] I’ve cheated while playing a game.
[ ] I’ve been in a fist fight.

[ ] I’m afraid of dying.
[ ] I hate funerals.
[x] I know someone who’s died.
[ ] I’ve seen someone/something die.
[ ] Someone close to me has attempted/committed suicide.
[ ] I have attempted suicide.
[x] I’ve thought about suicide before.
[ ] I’ve written a eulogy for myself.

[ ] I own over 5 rap CD’s.
[x] I’ve obsessed over anime/manga. 
[ ] I collected comic books.
[ ] I own a lot of makeup. 
[ ] I own something from Pac Sun.
[ ] I own something from The Gap.
[ ] I own something I got on E-Bay. 
[ ] I own something from Abercrombie.
[ ] I thrive on compliments.
[ ] I thrive on hate.

[ ] I’ve stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant.
[x] I open up to others easily. 
[ ] I watch the news occasionally or always.
[ ] I don’t like to kill bugs.
[ ] I sing in the shower. 
[ ] I’m a morning person.
[ ] I’m a sports fan.
[x] I twirl my hair. (love playing with my hair <3)
[x] I care about grammar. 
[ ] I love to spam friends.
[ ] I’ve copied more than 30 CD’s in a day.
[ ] I bake well.
[x] My favorite color is either white, yellow, pink, blue, red, black, purple, or orange. (Blue)
[ ] I would wear pajamas to school.
[ ] I like Martha Stewart.
[x] I laugh at my own jokes.
[ ] I eat fast food weekly.
[ ] I can’t sleep if there’s a spider in the room.
[ ] I’m really ticklish.
[ ] I like white chocolate. 
[ ] I bite/used to bite my nails.
[x] I’m good at remembering names.
[ ] I’m good at remembering dates. 
[ ] I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.

[ ] ..used to ask if I was anorexic/bulimic. 
[x] ..called me fat.
[x] ..have said I’m skinny.
[x] ..have said I’m ugly. 
[ ] ..have said I’m pretty.
[x] ..have spread rumors about me.
[ ] ..force me to eat.
[ ] ..say I eat too much
[ ] ..say I eat too little.

[ ] I’ve lost wieight
[ ] I’ve gained weight.
[ ] I’m at my thinnest.
[ ] I’m at my biggest.
[ ] I’ve lost weight and kept it off.
[ ] I’ve lost weight, but gained it back. 
[ ] My weight affects my mood.
[ ] I diet
[ ] I am/was a vegan/vegetarian.
[ ] I exercise.
[ ] I’ve fainted from exhaustion. 
[ ] I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder 

[ ] I’ve sworn at my parents.
[ ] I’ve planned to run away from home before.
[ ] I’ve run away from home. 
[ ] I have a sibling less than one year old.
[ ] I want kids in the future.
[ ] I’ve had kids.
[ ] I’ve lost a child.

[ ] I’m engaged.
[ ] I’m married.
[x] I’m single.
[ ] I’ve gone on a blind date.
[ ] I have/had a friend with benefits. 
[ ] I miss someone right now. 
[ ] I have a fear of abandonment.
[ ] I’ve gotten divorced.
[ ] I’ve had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back.
[ ] Someone has/had feelings for me when I didn’t have them back. 
[ ] I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t. 
[ ] I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did. 
[x] Someone’s told you they loved you when you didnt love them back.
[ ] I’m a cuddler.
[ ] I’ve been kissed in the rain.
[ ] I’ve hugged a stranger.
[ ] I’ve kissed a stranger.

Bad times:
[ ] I regularly drink.
[ ] I can’t swallow pills
[ ] I can swallow numerous pills at a time without difficulty. 
[ ] I’ve been diagnosed with depression at some point. (all 
[x] I have/had anxiety problems.
[ ] I shut others out when I’m upset. 
[x] I don’t have anyone to talk to when I’m upset about something personal. 
[ ] I have taken/take anti-depressants.
[x] I’ve slept an entire day before. 
[ ] I’ve plotted revenge.
[ ] I’ve been admitted to a mental hospital. 
[ ] I have committed self-harm. 

  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: The hunting Party
  • Reading: Articles
1. Choose 1-3 of your OCs.
2. Your OC must ANSWER each question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC's Interview: (your characters name)".
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!!!
 OC stands for Original Character, thank you K-Wesker !
MY OC : OC: Ashley Vladimir by divadonna224
→ 1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname? ←
- Dont have one, i hate them!

→ Interesting... what's your current age? ←
- There's no point in asking that :shrug:

→ Uh-huh. What's your favorite food? ←
- Breakfast sandwiches thats all i get at umbrella's busy life!

→ Interesting.. what's your favorite drink? ←
- Poor choice of Question!!!!

→ Confession time! Who's your crush/lover? ←
- Aint nobody got time for that.

→ Aww! Have you kissed yet? ←
- Still waiting for an opportunity.

→ Classic question! What's your favorite color? ←
- Red

→ Who's your favorite author? ←
- Ive read Dad's diaries which explain much about the hatred between wesker and sergei, thats the best ive read.

→ Now what's your biggest fear? ←
- Get caught by the bsaa.

→ *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing... *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Any siblings? ←
- Go fuck yourself!

→ Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero ? ←
- The interviews done i guess, its time for you to leave.

→ Okay, who's your worst enemy? ←
- Wesker.

→ What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together? ←
- I havent got a hero! 

→ Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator? ←
- I would hug her <3

→ Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up? ←
- Im agrown up, you rotten pumpkin!

→ What's your worst nightmare? ←
- As wesker killed my dad, sergei vladimir, i fear he'll kill me too.

→ What's your life-long dream? ←
-Avenge my dad's death and lead umbrella to a new future.
→ Okay, where's your favorite place to relax? ←
- Perhaps a bed.

→ Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing? ←
- Keeping my guns clean and read my dad's diary.
→ We're done! Now tag whoever you want.
     Nobody's there...

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divadonna224's Profile Picture
Ash (Lachrymose :D)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am just an average artist and i mostly
draw by hand Traditional Tools by LumiResources ,
MS Paint Microsoft Paint by LumiResourcesor
gimp 2.8The GIMP by LumiResources
I'm a medical student, and mostly spend my time studying books. I rarely have time to draw, but yes i draw a lot :P My life has only two activities, art or study, and mostly spend my time gaming personalities, etc, i draw sketches but rarely.

I appreciate art pieces and love giving llamas, to pals :heart So feel free to watch me if you like my art and get a llama from me :la:

Now the fun things start, my favorite games are Mortal kombat, Resident evil, Tekken, and every fighting game is my favorite :la:

Lets start from Mortal kombat:
I play mostly with my love my favorite, Sub-Zero Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki
:iconirapeitplz::flirty::iconblue-splz::iconblue-uplz::iconblue-bplz: :iconblue-zplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-rplz::iconblue-oplz::flirty::iconirapeitplz:
I love Sub Zero most, cant control myself when he is there :iconimpervplz::la: :nuu:
My favorite MK girls :flirty:Kitana Stamp by xAmethiax:flirty:
SindelWarrior Queen by snow-valkyrie :iconsweetiebellelaplz:, Sonya blade :squee:I love them!
My favorite MK villain is
:iconburningheartplz::icondevilplz:Shang Tsung:icondevilplz: :iconburningheartplz:
i mostly select him and win ;P
I love :iconbigheartplz::katana: :iconpurple-nplz::iconpurple-iplz::iconpurple-nplz::iconpurple-jplz::iconpurple-aplz::iconpurple-splz: :katana::iconbigheartplz:
Reptile:thumb277066716:, ErmacErmac Stamp by axel-kitty, RainRain stamp by Metadream, jadeJade Stamp by xAmethiax, SmokeSmoke by HalfTrollFaceplz, etc ;)
YES YES the one i hate the most in MK is :skull: SCORPION :skull: he is so annoying that you cant just tolerate!!!!!!! I wont talk about him bcuz :onfire:
I love playing Ninja Gaiden The Hardest Game on the Planet by HatakeMirukon and DOA :la: :nuu::
I love :flirty: Ryu Hayabusa Hayabusa Stamp by MKNinjaChick :flirty:

Now from Tekken:
:nuu: :la: tekken has been my favorite game since childhood :P and love to play it :la:
My favrite character fom tekken is, :flirty:hwoarang by armentis:flirty:
:iconilavplz::iconletter-hplz::iconletter-wplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-rplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-gplz:Hwoarang Stamp by UltimaArrow:iconilavplz:
I love hwoarang a lot! He is my favrite character and i have a big crush on him :blush:
My favrite tekken girls
:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconpink-cplz::iconpink-hplz::iconpink-rplz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-splz::iconpink-tplz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-eplz: :iconfloatingheartplz:
:iconilavplz:Christie Stamp by UltimaArrow:iconilavplz:
well, i love them all :love: they all are cute, especially zafinaZafina Stamp by UltimaArrow KazuyaKazuya Stamp by UltimaArrow Nina WilliamsNina Williams stamp by ShadowKusatsu Anna WilliamsAnna Williams stamp by AnLisuNkA and so many others....:)
Other favrite characters are , miguel Miguel Stamp by vdaymassacre:drool:, steve Steve Stamp by UltimaArrow :kiss: ;)

I love playing Ninja Gaiden The Hardest Game on the Planet by HatakeMirukon and DOA :la: :nuu::
I love :flirty: Ryu Hayabusa Hayabusa Stamp by MKNinjaChick :flirty:

Biohazard :iconbiohazardplz:

I love Wesker :la: :flirty: :iconirapeitplz:AlbertWesker I LOVE Wesker stamp by Vicky-Redfield:iconirapeitplz:
wesker makes me do ...:iconfapplz: lols :P I love himWesker's Thrust Punch - Taken by slouchingtyger :headbang: Icon for AlbertWesker839 by blazer87:iconnosebleedplz:
:iconchuuplz::::Wesker gif::: 2 by Claire-Wesker1Wesker ish teh Sex by blazer87:iconchuuplz:
:iconblackrose-1:Albert Wesker stamp for Petex by HavokPanda:iconirapeitplz:Weskie Macarena by blazer87:iconblackrose-1: :headbang:
I love :love::flirty:Billy CoenBilly Coen by QuidxProxQuo:flirty:Jill valentine Jill Valentine Lover - stamp by Claire-Wesker1 , Claire Redfield claire stamp by HavokPanda , Chris Redfield - Stamp by Miss--Valentine , Leon S. Kennedy Leon-S.Kennedy by Soraya-Mendez , Ada Wong Ada Wong stamp by Vicky-Redfield , Excella Gionne Excella Fan by ciao-california Jessica Sherawat Jessica Sherawat by Allyzodia Hunk -Stamp- Agent HUNK by ambitiouslove:love: a lot!!!!!! :la:
and not to forget Nemesis :la:
I love :iconleonkennedypairings: :flirty: :heart:

I love Beyblade since Childhood :la: :iconbeybladeplz: -Original Beyblade- by NanabbiBeyBlade MF Stamp by Duskpaw :iconiloveitplz:
I love :iconilavplz: Tyson_Takao Stamp by relina1611 :iconilavplz:
:iconeweplz: .:Stamp:. Jack fan by LackyTheRabbit Jack :heart: :iconeweplz:
and :iconiloveitplz:stamp : Zero by DevilsClap Zero Kurogane Stamp: Zero giggle by DevilsClap Kira stamp : Kira by DevilsClap Chris Chris stampie by DevilsClap :iconiloveitplz:
Kenta and Ryuga :la: stamp : who? by DevilsClap stamp : out of the waaaay by DevilsClap stamp : out of the waaaay /2nd by DevilsClap :iconburningheartplz:

And :iconhurrplz:ryuga kowalskiRyuuga stamp by Superpluplush CM: Ryuga Fan stamp by shadowhatesomochao:iconirapeitplz:
:kiss:Another Ryuga Stamp by SuriiSky:kiss: :drool:this stamp is too sexy for dA by DevilsClap:drool:
Ryuga totally looks Insane :D AINT NO PSYCOPATH LIKE HIM :D

In music I prefer Michael Jackson (R.I.P) 's classics, he's the only solo artist I love the most Stamp : RIP Michael Jackson by marienoire :la: :heart:
In groups, I guess Linkin Park Linkin Park Stamp by Sora05 is totally awesome, since childhood, they bring back a lot of old memories with my bro :la: Two of my favourite members Brad Delson Brad Delson - On My Own by crypticcolloquialism:iconilavplz:Stamp: Brad Delson by go-avi:heart: Brad Delson by geezbones :heart: and :iconilavplz: Mike Shinoda Mike Shinoda is blind by melodicsunrise :D Mike shinoda is Cute :la: Stamp: Mike Shinoda II by go-avi B-)
My all time favourite LP song is Stamp: Papercut by go-avi Papercut :la:

Greenday, Three days Grace, BVB are my current top favs Love their music :la:Greenday by Asenceana Three Days Grace Stamp by LuxDani Black Veil Brides Stamp by SammieSparxx
I prefer Rock songs, carrying good messages, nu metal and Alt rock, I hate love songs :bleh: cuz their just too common and personally i hear lyrics according to music so im very choosy in music :la:

I love watching WWE, :nuu: :la: and i love WWE Divas ;)
I love :nuu: :la: :flirty: :rose: :love: Randy orton :love: :flirty: :rose: :la: :nuu:
and i love :salute:The Rock:salute: I respect him a lot :)

Im caring and love making friends, but I love girls, and mostly draw girls, unlike other people im a feminist! :) So better watch your back!

Other interests are learning martial arts, and become expert like :salute:Bruce Lee:salute: and my favorite martial artist jackie chan :la: and now a days favorite :flirty: :love: Matt Mullins :love: :flirty: and i love sir Cary hiroyuki tagawa, i want to meet him and want to learn martial arts from him :) Favorite female martial artists are Bridgette wilson, lucy liu, michelle yeoh, jaime pressly:la:

My best Female Friend on DA are :iconilavplz::iconxxladylolaxx::iconassassin-lady::iconilavplz:

My best Male friend here is :iconilavplz::iconcristianac::iconilavplz: He is a great artist though :heart:

Not to forget my best DA friends, :iconxxladylolaxx: :iconassassin-lady: :iconcristianac: :iconcrystaliszelda: :icontrix92::iconesta69: :iconlady-lili: :iconmischiefdomination: :iconaaliyah379: :iconanna-phoenix: :iconsobies516pl: :iconnemesisdestrodareal1:and enjoy my DA with them a lot :)

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